Masterchef Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake

11 Dec

masterchef chocolate mousse layer cakeScrape the dark chocolate mousse onto the cake and smooth it into an even layer. I had to just pour it straight on top of the mousse layer cold. Hokkaido cheese innards.

My mousse turned out very watery and was not firm enough to fill the cake with. Brush the cake generously with the sugar syrup. I tried my hand at a fancier cake than usual.

If only I had that blast freezer! Decorate each cake with an almond. This gataeux was an array of textures from the gooey marshmallow to the denser brownie base and another softer mousse layer. Fold in the remaining cream until completely blended.

The strawberry cardina is also surprisingly light. Melt the remaining chocolate and pour over the firm chocolate layer. I was overall pleased by the result.

A little different take on a chocolate mousse cake. The flavours did pack a slightly sour passionfruit but mixed beautifully with the sweetness of the other layers. I completely forgot Julie missed one layer in her cake. Danish hearts to such an extent that they named these special chocolate mousse topped meringue cakes after her.

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